"My parents kept attentive records, resulting in boxes of VHS tapes and Kodak photos in our basement. Being stung by a bee between the corn stalks in my family’s garden, my aunt standing naked at the top of the stairs, my grandfather putting cigarettes out in the carpet; these things I had forgotten now remain only in vessels of documentation – traces of once tangible things. Do these images act as triggers for buried memories, or as proof of a past as we conceived it? Can a larger truth be revealed by the particularities of memory deterioration? How do we fictionalize our histories? My work seeks to expand these questions, focusing on how we process history and lived experience. I like to think of the term “reenactments” as a way to describe my practice, framing it as a form of translation. Archives of home videos, my parents’ VHS camcorder, stories my grandmother has told me, my own memory; these become sources for works that span sculpture, video, and writing. I attempt to recreate a subject like an archaeologist would discover and reconstruct an architectural ruin, or an attorney would reenact the timeline of a crime in a courtroom for a jury. A “reenactment” frames what is known of the original event as a necessary component to the work, as an extension of the piece itself, prolonging the duration into the past."



Senior Invitational, Juried Group Show, Woods Gerry Gallery, Providence, RI

Everything Must Go, Group Show, The Wurks Gallery, Providence, RI

Better Again, Juried Group Show, The RISD Museum, Gelman Gallery, Providence RI

Sculpture and Photo Senior Exhibition, Group Show, Woods Gerry Gallery, Providence RI

Snapshots, Skaters, Moonshine, and God, Group Show, Metcalf 320 Gallery, Providence, RI


True Believers, Group Show, Expose Gallery, Providence, RI

Adult Playset, Group Show, Expose Gallery, Providence, RI

PLAY, Performance, The RISD Museum, Farago Gallery, Providence, RI


How Does Distance Look?, Duo Show, Benson Hall Gallery, Providence RI



Brooklyn, New York