Linda's List

One box of unused Sears Christmas themed iron-on appliques

One box of Butterick sewing thread, various colors

One manila folder of Sears brand seam binding and rick-rack, various colors.

One Plastic Wal-Mart bag with fuchsia, yellow, royal blue, and valentine’s day themed fleece fabric

One unopened Singer brand handheld automatic sewing machine for quick repairs

One Kodak instant film polaroid camera

One Panasonic countertop 6inch television

Two dark stained wooden deck chairs with turquoise and green patterned tile work

Two cardboard filing boxes of teal green chinaware and matching serving set

One transparent plastic zippered cosmetic bag filled with Christmas themed gold and red costume jewelry.

Two boxes of red and silver tinsel strands

One Rite Aid envelope of developed printed photographs of the office retirement party. She is wearing red and her gold hoop earrings.

Ten paperback copies of Johanna Lindsey romance novels.

One copy of The Nuttiest Nutcracker on VHS

One unopened sleeve of Hallmark Christmas cards.

One paperback copy of Letting Go by Dr. Zeb Wanderer and Tracy Cabot

One paperback copy of How To Be Loved by Dr. Broadhurst M.D.

One paperback copy of Its My Life Now by Meg Kennedy Dugan and Roger R. Hock

One hardbound box set of the J.R.R. Tolkein series.

One unopened sewing kit for smurf themed Christmas stockings.

One Santa themed unfinished baby blanket with green rick-rack edges.

One large porcelain figurine of a Christmas themed yellow rubber duck

One set of yellow rubber duck themed Christmas ornaments

One yellow rubber duck printed cotton quilt fabric, 3 yards.

One yellow rubber duck stuffed animal with metallic orange beak

Three cardboard boxes of tissue paper wrapped beanie babies with their ear tags preserved.

One plush plastic covered baby photo album binder with plastic sheets containing Rite Aid printed photographs of Chris

One locket and chain containing the 2nd grade school photo of Chris

Three boxes of unused white plastic cutlery.

Two 16 packs of Sharman toilet paper.

One pair of Levi’s jeans size 20

Two pair of Levi’s jeans size 22

One pair of Levi’s jeans size 24

One Christmas Mickey Mouse themed night light.



My Favorite Part of the Wizard of Oz is in Kansas

Elise what are you going to be for Halloween this year?


atta girl

I assume this is working

my nose is a little itchy

well then lets get you a Kleenex


are we getting your dress on?

who are you going to be this year?


have you seen the movie the Wizard of OZ?

whats your favorite part of the movie?

well my favorite part of the movie is in Kansas.

Kansas? you don't like it in OZ?

yes but I like it in OZ and Kansas. Both.

what part in OZ do you like?

I like the “we’re off to see the wizard” part

we’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of OZ.

okay now sit down and lets put on your ruby slippers

I want to do it myself

ok remember buckle goes on the outside

ok I’ll know I’ll know


what are we doing now Elise?

we’re putting on the ruby slippers

look at those red ruby slippers

so did you like it when Dorthy went to munchkinland?

ya I guess, but first the house gets swirled around spinning spinning. ya and then they…

Elise where’s toto? Go get toto

he's collapsing he’s collapsing

what does the blue dog say?

woof woof woof



Holiday Inn Express

dear Elise

We went to California last week

stopping at the Holiday Inn Express in Roseburg

had the tv on sunday morning and the newscaster said 

"this is the 13th anniversary of the start of the Iraq war" 


we were in that very motel with you and Sophie when the war broke out

your parents were on the choir trip and we were taking you guys down to the farm 

the tv stations were all broadcasting the bombings with the excitement one might have filming the 4th of July fireworks show

it was making me crazy

And poor Sophie, age six said

can we turn this off? 

here we are thirteen years later

that worked out well didn't it? 

on a lighter note we toured the Jelly Belly factory on that trip

do you remember it? 

have a lovely easter

love grammy and grandpa